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Subject: Zain free browsing trick
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engrbatu 20.08.08 - 05:55am
To activate zain free browsing on pc, firstly buy a zain activate it's mms and go to your pc. But this is for nokia users as for now so you go to your nokia pc suite and click on manually configuration. Change every thing from the access point, password to web. Username web *

korexd 23.08.08 - 09:11am
Ar u sure of diz cheat coz dat how glo also did nd after some tym it stop, plz is it real if dis is real u ar d MAN. *

xammykul 11.09.10 - 09:17am
Hw can i activate or configure my zain sim 4 browsing. *

fanking 10.02.11 - 05:51am
hi guys, I have a zain modem. Can I make it browse for free, if so, what should I do. *

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